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I feel proud to be one of the oldest employee of Baba Computers. My career has skied with the growth of the company. I am really grateful to work in a place which makes us grow to greater heights. I thoroughly enjoy working with my team members in such a friendly atmosphere.

Mukta Agrawal

/ Assistant Manager

Our biggest strength is
Our Team

Everyone working at Baba Computers is very enthusiastic & young with lots of energy & vigor to deliver its 100% for all your technology needs: strategy, business intelligence, design, implementation, integration & support. Our environment fosters the individual Growth of all of our people & we are proud to help in transforming our people into future leader of IT Industry.

  • Passion for Transformation


    We Transform and grow efficiently to gain new customers, retain existing customers and cross-sell, and upsell to them and have operational and technological platforms that can change and adapt quickly to match the agility of the new players to free-up people through making processes more efficient and by using automation. We help you to get more capacity from existing resources, which can then be used to fund growth for your business.

    We are passionate about customer experience and create a customer-centric culture within our client organizations. We build high quality, innovative and cost-effective solutions that help deliver a simple, engaging, and captivating end-customer experience.

    We believe in doing the right thing, rather than just saying the right thing. We put our employees at the heart of everything we do and hence we are not just connected but we are Connected by Similarities as well as by Differences.

  • Connected by Differences

    We practice a culture based on teamwork, mutual trust, and respect for all. We encourage innovation and radical thinking. Hierarchy falls flat at Baba Computers, and everybody has a voice here, regardless of the name or stage.

    Stereotypes and ignorance about different traditions and mannerisms can lead to disruptions and the inability of some employees to work effectively as a team or to handle business dealings with potential customers in other countries. We respect the differences and believe in the power of diversity and inclusion to build a secure and supporting environment.

    We are determined to fully utilize the talents of all our people as they are the REAL ASSET of our company. With our encouragement, together, we can make a real contribution for our clients, suppliers and business partners, to the communities, and for the sustainability of the world in which we live and operate.

  • Life beyond
    the desk

    We are living through exciting times! We know the importance of the overall development of our employees and maintaining a work life balance. We believe a happy employee is a healthy employee.

    Taking a break from work regularly allows your body and mind to recuperate and refresh. This also allows our sub-conscious mind to work on things that we are struggling with, in the background. This is process of sub-conscious work has led to many a discoveries and breakthrough thinking moments. It helps us manage our stress, become creative, remain healthy and improves the ability to focus. This is even better if these breaks are fun.

    We are doing away with traditional office design characterized by neutral colors and enclosed spaces and cubicles, which can stifle creativity and hinder collaboration.

    We do more than just work here. We pursue our passion together, be it for music, sports or celebrating fests. We organize diverse and innovative activities throughout the year. We believe a happy employee is a healthy employee.

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Excellent writing, oral presentation and communication skills,Prior experience with media or public relations,Basic knowledge of computers and writing software (MS Office).
Web Developer
Experience with software design and development in a test-driven environment, Knowledge of coding languages (e.g. PHP) and frameworks/systems (e.g. Codeigniter,Laravel)
IC expert/ Content Editor
Excellent oral and written communication skills, strong interest in current events, ability to thrive under deadlines. Plan the contents of publications according to the publication's style & editorial policy.
IT Leader
Professional with an overall 3 yrs on production support engineer in LINUX, UNIX environment, esp. VOIP technology with ASTERISK PBX server with Installation & Maintenance.
Mobile App Developer
Build software that fulfills specific needs, Find solutions to security threats, viruses, or errors that might hinder the performance of applications, Carry out regular security and performance checks.
Call Officer
Excellent writing, oral presentation and communication skills,Prior experience with media or public relations,Basic knowledge of computers and writing software (MS Office).

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