Information, Education and Communication


Information, Education and Communication
A digital way of advertisement .

We’ve created & are maintaining various IEC activities for various departments under Govt. of Jharkhand.

Building it through a new Frontier!

The Information, Education & Communication (IEC) helps to create awareness and disseminate information regarding the benefits available under various schemes of the Ministry and to guide the citizens on how to access them. It also includes building a strategic framework for targeted IEC activities encompassing mass media, along with mid-media and inter-personal activities in the masses and has catered to the different needs of the rural and urban masses through the various tools used for communication.

How does it Help?

06 Steps

Team Mobilization
It is important to create an environment that motivates and mobilizes teams. We provide training to our team prior to the launch of any departmental scheme or program.
Developing a framework
We strategies a work plan for every step we take on all the online and offline platforms.
Media Coverage
Publication of design, artwork for e newsletter Content creation for social media channels and Magazines.
Execution- Digital/ Electronic Media
Develop related contents according to the requirement for spreading awareness in a creative way.
Project Management
Guidance to the team and monitor activities with Information Technology rules and regulations
Establishing an effective public awareness monitoring system – Online and offline.

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