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You can truly embrace the growing need for Cloud Computing with us to accelerate your business and optimize yourself.


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With 83% of the total enterprise workload expected to be on the cloud by the year 2020 and 75% of all the non-cloud apps expected to move to the cloud, today’s computing landscape is witnessing a great transition.

Most organizations and businesses are finding ways to migrate to the cloud for better storage opportunities, scalability, and various other services that the cloud offers. Even with all of this, the cloud journey for many organizations has just begun, and the future with cloud services looks very bright with endless opportunities to explore.

You can truly embrace the growing need for Cloud Computing with us to accelerate your business and optimize yourself.

We provide Framework encompassing definite cloud strategy, planning, deployment, and governance phases that assist clients to best leverage adopted cloud platforms via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

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Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network)
We provide Fast, reliable web and video content delivery with global scale and reach with anycast IP optimized for last-mile performance
Cloud Functions
Pay only for what you use. We provide Scalable pay-as-you-go functions as a service (FaaS) to run your code with zero server management.
Cloud SDK
We build Tools and libraries for interacting with Cloud products and services including Client Libraries and Product-specific command-line tools.
SaaS Development
Our technical skillset and years of experience help us create scalable, reliable, and secure SaaS development as per your ever-changing business needs through customer-centric designs, increased productivity and optimized operations.
Cloud Tasks
Cloud Tasks is a fully managed service that allows you to manage the execution, dispatch, and delivery of a large number of distributed tasks. Using Cloud Tasks, you can perform work asynchronously outside of a user or service-to-service request.
Cloud Storage
Cloud storage allows you to save data and files in an off-site location that you access either through the public internet or a dedicated private network connection. We hosts, secures, manages, and maintains the servers and associated infrastructure and ensures you have access to the data whenever you need it.

Successful cloud journeys are backed by in-depth cloud strategies and planned implementations.

The days of large capital investments in software and IT infrastructure are now a thing of the past for any enterprise that chooses to adopt the cloud computing model for procurement of IT services. Clients typically pay a monthly or annual service fee to providers, to gain access to systems that deliver software as a service, platforms as a service and infrastructure as a service to subscribers. Clients who subscribe to cloud computing services can reap a variety of benefits, depending on their business needs at a given point in time. The ability to access powerful IT resources on an incremental basis is leveling the playing field for small and medium sized organizations, providing them with the necessary tools and technology to compete in the global marketplace, without the previously requisite investment in on premise IT resources. Clients who subscribe to computing services delivered via the “cloud” are able to greatly reduce the IT service expenditures for their organizations, and gain access to more agile and flexible enterprise level computing services, in the process.

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